TrueVolve Technologies is a young software engineering company specialising in open source-based, cutting-edge technology projects. TrueVolve is a decentralised, distributed, collaborative company which places emphasis on innovation rather than location.

TrueVolve Technologies started in 2014 when Stephan and Steyn met as freelance developers. We had some clients in common and decided to pool our expertise and resources to form TrueVolve. Our team grew when we brought Louw, with his expertise in Artificial Neural Networks and Digital Image Processing, on board to help with our ever increasing workload.

The TrueVolve team has a passion for knowledge, open source and technology. This is what defines us. We are ever in search of exciting new technologies, opportunities and adventures.

TrueVolve distinguishes itself from the hoard of other software development companies with the simple premise: We only take on projects that we believe in and interests us.

TrueVolve operates on a global scale with partners and clients in USA, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, South Africa, Botswana and Nigeria.



RAIN RFID and NFC projects

TrueVolve has been part of the development of a number of RAIN RFID and NFC based systems. We developed a mobile payment Android app with NFC.

TrueVolve does some very interesting work with RAIN RFID in partnership with the world’s largest vehicle number plate manufacturer and iDocTrust.

TrueVolve is also a member of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC31 which is responsible for automatic identification token standardization. This include barcodes, RAIN RFID, NFC and data structures for these auto-identification tokens.


Number Plate Recognition System

In close partnership with Volsec Securities, TrueVolve is in the process of developing a completely new Number Plate Recognition system. This system will focus on the automatic reading, tracking and flagging of vehicles using existing CCTV infrastructure.

This development process enabled our team to acquire skills in Advanced Image Processing, Convolutional Neural Networks, cloud computing and Linux containers.


Secure VoIP Solutions

In partnership with Volsec Security, TrueVolve developed and deployed a high-security VoIP solution. This included a secure messaging scheme, a signup and registration scheme as well as secured on-device storage.

Extensive work was done around protecting a user's identity, the user’s data and the security of all communications.


Development of ISO/IEC 20248

ISO/IEC 20248 is a data structure standard for auto-identification tokens. This data structure consists of two parts: a digital signature and encoded data.  The implementation of this standard is concerned with the verifiability of the data it encodes by means of digital signatures. Stephan and Steyn are co-editors of the standard and they are also the principal developers of the software. This project is lead by Bertus Pretorius of iDocTrust.


Scalable Web Infrastructure

Since the conception of TrueVolve, Stephan and Steyn have been working closely with FaxFX to maintain and improve their fax-to-email technology. Through this partnership they have gained extensive experience in building solutions that scale to hundreds of thousands of users.


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